The 4 Best Smartwatch Necklaces to Buy in 2021

Are you always keeping a keen eye on the advances and newest products of the wearable market?

If so, you find yourself in exactly the right place at this point.

In this article, we take a look at the 4 best smartwatch necklace offerings on the market.

You will find that you can’t go wrong with anyone of these options as they each have specific features that we will compare to help you make the best decision in choosing your next piece of jewelry.

There are many options on the market when it comes to smartwatch necklaces, and it can get confusing or tedious sifting through all the options and scrolling through web page after web page to find out what all the important features are to find the product that contains the exact right combination to meet your specific needs.

So without beating around the bush any longer, let’s jump right into the list of the best 4 smartwatch necklaces.

Note: All the smartwatch necklaces covered in this article are only made for Apple Watches.


1. iClasp Necklace – * Editors Pick *

The iClasp is a great looking accessory to add to any outfit.

It will fit right in with anyone’s style.

It is a quality jewelry housing used to hold your Apple Watch, making it wearable in other ways than just the typical.

You will be able to take calls straight from your watch as it hangs on your neck.

This one has been designed to hold many different chain sizes with its large opening.

You can wear your watch with incredible style and have a futuristic-looking piece of equipment at your disposal.

This pendant adapter is designed to last many years and will hold its luster and color for a long time even when used daily.


●  Made from high quality polished stainless steel.

●  It does not come with an Apple Watch and it is not an Apple product.


●  It’s designed to be durable, for everyday use.

●  It’s very stylish and a great additional accessory to complement any outfit.

●  The 40mm size is compatible with the Apple Watch Series 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

●  Can be used as a nightstand for your watch to be used anywhere, like on your bedside table to take advantage of the Apple Watch’s alarm feature.


●  It’s not suitable for the larger Apple Watch models.


To sum this model up, it is durable and very versatile.

So if the idea of being able to use your Apple Watch 24/7 instead of just during the day when you’re on the go appeals to you, then this is the pendant necklace for you.

2. Bandmax Necklace

This amazing smartwatch holder for your favorite Apple Watch is a high-quality accessory from the brand Bandmax.

You will surely love the style and convenience offered in this piece of jewelry.

The design of the necklace is of high quality, unique, and novel.

Making it a perfect addition to your ultra-stylish or everyday comfy outfits.

With this necklace, you get a polishing cloth for making the necklace chain and watch holder shine bright.

Plus, a soft pull string cloth storage bag for keeping your watch face, pendant and chain contained in great condition in your pocket or purse when you decide you don’t want to wear it at the moment.

But you will get little to no use from the storage bag because you will always want to be wearing this high-class stylish accessory.


●  Compatible with Apple Watch Series 1-5 in the 38mm or 40mm sizes.

●  A 30-inch chain is included.

●  It’s not an Apple product.


●  It comes in 4 different finishes: polished stainless steel, 18k yellow gold, rose gold plated, and also black plated.

●  It’s a uniquely designed necklace that turns your Apple Watch from a regular wristwatch into either a pocket watch or a pendant necklace.

●  It’s a perfect gift for anyone. From the most trendy and fashionable to those who just need a hands/wrists free way to wear their favorite Apple watch.


●  The colors of the chain are ever so slightly different than the ones of stock Apple smartwatches. Barely noticeable unless you study it up close for an extended period.

●  The chain is pretty big and made to fit everyone, so it will hang pretty far down if bought for or given as a gift to a younger child.


This offering from Bandmax is a well-known manufacturer of watch hands and special housings, this model offers you a wide variety of choices in color.

Giving you the edge in the most appealing appearance and cutting edge technology.

Not only does it showcase your Apple Watch around your neck, but it also does so while earning plenty of bonus style points.

3. Brown Leather Necklace

It’s 100% handmade making this model very unique and appealing.

You just can’t beat a product that is made by hand by a competent jeweler.

This product is made from environmentally friendly leather and 304 polished stainless steel which is normally used in highly used items like kitchenware.


●  It’s compatible with the 38mm(series 3/2/1) & 40mm(series 4 & series 5) Apple watches.

●  The length of the necklace is around 44 cm.

●  It comes with an extra connector that can be used for attaching the pendant to another necklace of your choosing.


●  This all-natural leather necklace is an original concept and therefore makes it unique on the market of Apple Watch necklaces.

●  It’s handmade by professional jewelry makers and extremely durable.

●  The different style options for wearing this Apple Watch holding pendant means you will have all the options at your disposal for matching whatever outfit you choose, even when that style choice changes.


●  Anytime you wear your Apple Watch as a pendant on a necklace then the heart rate monitor does not get a reading but the step counter and all other features function perfectly well.

●  It’s one of the longest necklaces on the market which makes it too long for children to wear properly, although you can get creative and make loop knots into the leather chain to shorten it up to meet any required length.


This smartwatch is a unique offering to this list, it’s handmade from all-natural materials, it stands out and just screams: “Wear me”!

This model comes in the perfect necklace size making it extremely versatile, offering you several options to match with any outfit you find yourself wearing on any given day.

4. Stainless Steel Necklace

This necklace was designed to use with the larger 42mm and 44mm sized Apple Watches.

This ensures that there is no need to worry about color fading from the constant rubbing up against any fabric that you may find yourself wearing it with on any particular day or occasion.

It’s a modern wearable accessory of epic proportions that will make you stand out in any crowd as the most stylish person in the group.


●  It’s compatible with the 42mm (series 3/2/1) and 44mm (series 4) Apple Watches.

●  The length of the necklace is around 52 cm.

●  It’s made solely of 316L stainless steel.


●  It comes with an extra connector in case you wish to wear the pendant on your everyday chain necklace, or any other type/style necklace where the pendant will fit on.

●  The manufacturer offers a guarantee that they will work with you to fix any issues you may encounter when using/wearing their product, which is very unlikely to happen with such a high-quality product.


●  It comes with the longest chain of this list which will not make it for everybody.


It’s the perfect pendant necklace for the owners of the bigger sized Apple Watch’s. Owners will also thoroughly enjoy the alternative option of wearing it around your neck instead of having it sitting on your wrist all the time.

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