15 Stylish Smartwatches that have Round Displays

Smartwatches are incredibly popular and are used by a lot of people in today’s society.

It’s gotten to the point where smartwatches are almost as useful as the phones we carry around.

Not only can they tell time, but you can use them to communicate with friends and family, take care of your health, or entertain yourself if you’re bored.

While there are good looking smartwatches, there are a lot of ones that just don’t do any justice to people who are into fashion.

It can be hard to choose a modern smartwatch with all of the bland looking ones flooding the market.

Here are 15 of the most stylish smartwatches with round displays that are currently available on the market.


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1. Zeblaze Thor S

2. Huawei Fit

3. Garmin Forerunner 645

4. Huawei Watch GT

5. Nixon Mission SS

6. Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

7. ZTE Quartz

8. Fossil Q Venture 4th Generation

9. Samsung Gear Sport

10. Tenfifteen F1 Sports Smartwatch

11. Ticwatch Pro

12. Motorola Moto 360 2nd Generation

13. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

14. Polar Vantage V

15. Asus ZenWatch 3

The Zeblaze Thor S is a rugged and sturdy smartwatch with a stainless steel base that rivals Rolex.

The screen has a high contrast ratio that works well in sunlight and during night time.

What sets the Zeblaze Thor S apart from other smartwatches is its front-facing camera.

Its 5.0-megapixel high definition camera can easily be used to take photos and make video calls.

The 1.3GHz processor and 16GB of internal storage make handling applications easy.

The 1GB of RAM is an added boost to make sure there’s no lag or delay.

The sensor on the back is used to monitor your heart rate and exercises.

The watch is available on Gearbest.

This smartwatch features a classic, timeless design.

The minimalist circular base has indents where the hour marks are and the watch is held together by a cross-stitched band.

The band is interchangeable for anyone looking to change their looks from time to time.

It can track your exercises, heart rate, calories burnt, steps you’ve taken, and sleeping state to give you better insights on your health.

It also has health plans to help guide you while you run or cycle.

The Huawei Fit can be set up to get smart notifications so you’ll never miss a phone call or social media message ever again.

The battery can last around 6 days until you have to charge it again.

The Garmin Forerunner 645 comes equipped with a stainless steel frame that has buttons on the side to accompany the touch screen.

The strap of the watch is made out of rubber.

It comes in the colors black, rose gold, cerise, and tan.

It can hold over 500 songs that you can sync offline and play on Bluetooth speakers or headphones.

Cards and cash are a thing of the past with the Garmin Pay feature where you just have to scan your watch.

If you use the HRM-Run or HRM-Tri monitor then you can track things like your vertical ratio, stride length, balance and more.

It lasts up to 5 hours in GPS mode and up to a week if you set it to smartwatch mode.

This smartwatch has a bold metal frame with two dials on the side.

The watch has a ceramic bezel and has a dual crown AMOLED screen for vibrant colors.

The real-time monitor tracks your heart rate, VO2 levels, and GPS location.

Harvard’s Medical School CBD Center has collaborated to help create Trustee 2.0, a system that tracks your sleep and offers over 200 ways to improve sleeping habits.

The smart notifications for SMS texts, caller ID, weather information, and email work on both iOS and Android devices.

The strong battery can last up to two weeks between each charge.

The Nixon Mission SS has a silver stainless steel base with a single button on the side.

The thick rubber strap makes the smartwatch durable enough to take a few hits.

The AMOLED screen has an ambient light sensor that automatically changes the brightness depending on how much light is coming in.

You also have the option to turn off specific notifications through the Wear OS app to save battery power.

The power to synchronize your phone and smartwatch is in your hands since it requires you to put in a pairing code, keeping strangers out of your watch and making it more secure.

The patented MicLock feature makes it so that you can take your watch into areas of water without having to worry about it getting damaged.

The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier is a smartwatch with a metal frame that’s designed to look like a cog inside of a watch.

The straps have a diagonal rubber design that is easy on the eyes and the hour marks of the smartwatch look equal to the hour marks of an analog watch.

There are multiple other straps that you can interchange if you ever want to change the look of your watch.

There are two bezels on the side of the smartwatch to switch between apps if you don’t like to use a touch screen.

You can connect your Android or iOS device to send text messages and to make phone calls.

The watch is equipped with Samsung Pay which makes it possible to pay contactless with your smartwatch.

This smartwatch has a black, silver, and a blue color design that makes each portion of the watch stand out.

The strap is a diagonal pattern that is blue on the inner side and black on the outer side.

The base is the same blue to match the strap and is covered by a silver stainless steel frame.

On the side is a single button for you to adjust the time and date if it ever goes out of sync.

Inside is a 1.1GHz processor that runs Wear OS to help you receive phone calls and text messages.

You can copy your apps from your phone or download entirely new ones to enjoy when you’re out and about.

The Fossil Q Venture 4th Generation is a smartwatch that has a clear circular display.

The silver frame has mini indents all around it and two buttons on the side.

There’s also a dial for you to turn which makes it possible to adjust the time.

The strap comes in rubber, leather, or metal and depends on the base color that you choose.

It’s compatible with Android and iOS phones.

It has Wear OS installed on it to control music, apps, emails, messaging, and phone calls.

You can track your location with the GPS, track your heart rate with the built-in heart rate monitor, or track your physical activities with Google Fit.

The design is 3ATM waterproof certified for underwater use.

It comes with a charger and lasts around one day on regular use, or three days if it’s set on low power mode.

The base of the Samsung Gear Sport is larger than most smartwatches.

The strap is made out of durable rubber and has a diagonal pattern on the outside that matches the metal base.

It comes in the colors metal blue or midnight black.

You don’t have to worry about the rain since it’s swim-ready and water-resistant up to 50 meters of depths.

The Samsung Connect software allows you to control your phone or any other smart device around the house.

It can take calls and receive text messages like most other smartwatches and it can track important health information.

The battery can go through a week of use before you have to charge it again.

The Tenfifteen F1 Sports smartwatch has a modern design with a rubber strap and stainless steel frame.

The two buttons on the side are used to control your apps if the touch screen stops working.

The hour placements on the watch are replaced with 5 interval seconds to help you time your activities.

There’s an innovative slot on the side of the watch for you to connect the watch to your computer through a USB cable.

The built-in sleep and heart rate monitor allows users to keep track of their health and allows them to change their lifestyle if needed.

There’s a dual camera that you can use to take photos.

Taken photos can be transferred to your phone through Bluetooth.

The Ticwatch Pro has an incredibly detailed metal frame that has two color hues.

Additionally, there are two metal dials on the side to help users control the smartwatch better.

The strap is made out of black rubber and has a cross stitch design on the outer side.

The display is made out of a Corning Gorilla Glass that is fingerprint-resistant.

You have the option to insert a SIM card to make wireless calls and send messages to anyone that’s on your contacts list.

Its military-grade durability lets you take it anywhere and is water-resistant as well as dustproof.

The Ticwatch Pro can last as long as two days in smart mode and 5 days if it’s in essential-mode.

Check out the price of the Ticwatch Pro on Amazon.

The Motorola Moto 360 2nd Generation comes in the colors black, rose gold, silver, and gold.

The outer frame’s rim is thick and consists of both matte black and sleek metal.

There’s a single button on the upper right side of the smartwatch to help you make on-screen decisions.

The strap comes in leather, matte, or metal form depending on the base color that you choose.

The instant notifications let you see your messages, weather information, news, and more without having to take out your phone.

You can download various apps depending on the software that’s running on your connected phone (iOS or Android).

The Moto fitness tracker helps you keep your body in shape by giving you details on the calories you’ve consumed, the steps you’ve taken, and other important data.

The Samsung Galaxy Active 2 features beautiful hues of colors with their high-quality wrist straps.

The overall display reaches the outer edges of the smartwatch, leaving a sophisticated thin layer of metal that holds it all together.

There are two buttons on the right side of the smartwatch that allows you to control your music, apps, and much more.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 comes in the colors cloud silver, aqua black, and pink gold.

You can take this watch literally anywhere since it’s waterproof up to 50 meters of depths.

The Bixby smart assistant gives users insights on their health by tracking data such as your current heartbeat, sleeping patterns, distance traveled, and much more.

Pair this watch up with Qi powered Samsung devices to help charge your smartwatch wirelessly.

The Polar Vantage V comes with a rubber strap that seamlessly connects to the metal base.

There are two metal buttons on the left side and three on the right side of the Polar Vantage V for you to customize and control your watch better.

The smartwatch comes in the colors white, black, orange, and red to satisfy anybody’s fashion needs.

A pedometer, heart rate monitor, and GPS are examples of sensors that are built into the watch.

The ultra battery inside can last up to 40 hours before you have to charge it again.

Check out the price of the Polar Vantage V smartwatch on Amazon.

With just one look you can tell that the Asus ZenWatch 3 is built with high-quality materials and is intricately put together.

The diamond bezel matches well with the expensive leather strap.

There are two buttons and a dial on the right side of the watch to help you navigate through the smartwatch.

It’s coated in IP67 coating to make it water-resistant up to one meter of depths.

The AMOLED display is covered by Corning Gorilla Glass 3, which gives the screen of the watch a crystal clear look.

The ASUS ZenFit application can track heartbeats, push-ups, sit-ups, and distance traveled with precision.

You can receive messages, weather alerts, and phone calls through the built-in speaker.

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