14 Remarkable Smartwatches that have a Touchscreen

Watches have never been as good as they are today.

They’ve gone from needing to be hand winded to lasting over a month on just one charge.

The main types of watches that are used by people are either the expensive ones for showing off or smartwatches with incredible power.

Smartwatches are getting more and more popular because of all the constantly improving features that the devices have to offer.

It can get confusing to choose a good smartwatch because a lot of different companies have made at least one so far.

That’s why we’ve made a list of the best 14 smartwatches that can be controlled through the touchscreen that these models have.


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1. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

2. Fossil Gen 5 Julianna

3. Emporio Armani Touchscreen

4. Apple Watch Series 5

5. Fitbit Versa 2

6. Garmin Fenix 5 Sapphire

7. Scinex SW20

8. Zeblaze Thor S

9. Finow Q1 Pro

10. VerPro DoSmarter Smartwatch

11. S99C2 Smartwatch

12. Huawei Watch GT


14. Casio Pro Trek WSD-F30

The Samsung Galaxy Active 2 is one of the most popular watches to be released.

It has a smooth rubber band that has multiple holes for users to adjust to their wrist size.

The bands are hinged onto the circular metal base.

There are two buttons on the side of the metal base, one to turn the watch on and the other one to navigate through the watch.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 comes in the colors cloud silver, aqua black, or pink gold.

It’s made to provide insights about your health so you can make better health decisions in the future.

It can track your running style, heartbeat, the number of calories you’ve consumed in a day, and more to show you how your health is doing.

The stress level monitor goes well with the sleep tracker, keeping you calm and giving you a better night’s sleep.

The fifth generation of the Fossil Julianna is built with a stainless steel frame that surrounds the circular screen.

It has a nice mesh design for the default band, which you can change to metal or rubber if you want to.

There are two buttons on the side to help you navigate through the watch and a dial to adjust the time or date.

It’s waterproof up to 3 ATM so you won’t run into any problems when you wear it while washing the dishes.

Unlike some other smartwatches, this one comes with a speaker so that you can make phone calls and record voice messages.

You can also receive text messages, emails, and other smart notifications from your Social Media accounts. 

It has untethered GPS so you won’t have to take your phone with you everywhere you go.

The Emporio Armani Touchscreen smartwatch is a classic that looks good on anybody’s wrist.

You can change the strap to leather, silicone, or stainless steel to match your fashion looks.

The base is a snow-white metal that is round in its design.

On the right side of the smartwatch are two buttons and it has a turnable dial that can be used to make choices on the screen.

With Google Assistant installed you won’t ever have to write down reminders again.

The activity tracker lets you see how many steps you take in a day, you’ll be able to make workout routines, and it will help you to reach your fitness goals.

The Emporio Armani Touchscreen will last up to a day before it needs to be charged again.

The bands come in 40mm and 44mm sizes and can be replaced if they ever get damaged.

The band holds the iconic square screen which has rounded corners.

On the side of the watch is a slot for you to put your SIM card in and a dial for you to scroll through the menus on the screen.

The Apple Watch Series 5 comes in the colors space grey, gold aluminum, or silver aluminum.

It has a waterproof coating so you can take it anywhere where there’s water.

The new Apple Pay lets you pay at stores without needing to bring your wallet.

It can track your health statistics and sleeping habits which will both help you in improving your life.

A Fitbit is more than just a tool for exercising.

They have a Social Media aspect and can do almost everything that modern phones can do.

The Fitbit Versa 2 has a rubber strap that connects to the smooth metal base.

The base houses a square LCD touchscreen and it has an on and off button on the left side of the watch.

The Fitbit Versa 2 comes in the colors Bordeaux, black, navy blue, rose pink, purple, or smoke grey.

The Alexa smart assistant is the same that you’ll find in Amazon devices so you can activate it with your voice to do whatever you want.

You can make calls and any other type of messaging that a phone can do along with tracking health stats to further better yourself.

The Fit Pay feature is a plus for people who don’t like carrying cash or credit cards around to pay for things.

There are three buttons on the left side of the watch and two on the right side of the watch that you can use to turn the smartwatch on and off.

The GPS and outdoor sensors let you know your position as well as your elevation level no matter where you are.

The Garmin Connect lets you record key aspects of your life like how many steps you take in a day, what your heart rate is, and the number of calories you consume in a day.

The Scinex SW20 may not be as popular as the rest of the smartwatches but that doesn’t mean that it can’t get the job done.

It has a rubber strap that connects to a thick metal base.

On the right of the base is a dial for you to control the watch and it has a micro SIM card slot.

It can receive incoming calls, SMS messages, emails, Social Media notifications, weather alerts, and almost anything else that a smartphone can do.

The watch comes in the following colors: gold, black, or silver.

It also beats other smartwatches since it has a built-in camera that you can use to make video calls or take videos with.

The Scinex will last around 12 hours before you have to charge it again.

The Zeblaze Thor S features a ridged black rubber strap that has horizontal oval indents as a design.

The base is almost a perfect circle with a little notch on the side (location of the built-in camera).

There are black and blue editions for consumers to choose from.

The AMOLED screen has a multi-touch capacity and it has a resolution of 454 x 454 pixels.

It has a 1.25GHz quad-core processor that can handle multiple apps at the same time.

There are two separate chips inside that you can swap between to save time and battery life.

You can download any app from either the iOS or Android Store.

With the 8.0-megapixel camera, you can record videos and take photos.

The Zeblaze Thor S will last around one day when used normally and up to four days in standby mode.

The watch is available on Gearbest.

The Finow Q1 Pro has differently shaped alternating holes on the band to let your skin breathe easier.

It hooks onto the square base which has two slots on the right side.

Examples of built-in sensors that the watch has are GPS, a pedometer, and a heart rate monitor.

The camera in the middle makes recording videos and video calls possible.

It can connect to WiFi if your phone ever runs out of battery or if you don’t want to use Bluetooth.

The makers of this smartwatch have made it waterproof enough for you to keep it on while taking a shower.

The VerPro DoSmarter smartwatch is the best when it comes to reminding you and motivating you to reach your goals.

It has a solid black rubber strap that connects to a sleek aluminum base.

The watch has various sensors built into the watch, one of these sensors is the GPS sensor.

The VerPro DoSmarter comes in the colors light purple, black, or grey.

It’s health-driven and constantly tracks your blood pressure, calories, and heart rate.

It uses this data to provide you with a clear chart and also recommends goals for you to reach.

It then syncs the data to the 7 training modes that the watch has for you to choose from.

It works with any Android or iOS device and can even control the camera shutter of your phone with a press of a button.

The VerPro DoSmarter can last around four days before it needs to be recharged again.

The S99C2 smartwatch may not have a fancy name but its design more than makes up for it.

To the right side of the watch is a button to turn the smartwatch on or off and it has a 5.0-megapixel camera.

The S99C2 smartwatch comes in the colors white, grey, or black that all look unique.

It’s Android and iOS compatible with enough storage for various applications.

The S99C2 smartwatch can essentially do what a smartphone does while taking up less space.

It will last up to a week before you have to charge it again.

The wristband of this smartwatch is hooked onto the metal circular base which has two buttons on the right side.

The Huawei Watch GT comes in the colors black or brown.

There is a heart rate monitoring sensor on the back of the smartwatch that monitors your heart rate 24/7.

The triple GPS (the regular one along with Glonass and Galileo) makes it so you’ll always know where you are.

The Huawei Watch GT will last up to 22 hours if all of the tracking features are on, or up to a whole month with just the notification setting on.

The LEMFO LEM6 has a comfortable leather strap that has a cross-stitched diamond pattern woven into it.

The smartwatch has two buttons on both sides of the watch.

The watch face can always be changed into the other thousands of available ones.

The LEMFO LEM6 human skin sensor chip tracks your heartbeat whenever you want it to.

The built-in pedometer can record the number of steps you’ve taken, and also the number of calories you’ve burned to help you adjust your workout regime.

The GPS of the watch will work even if you don’t have your phone with you.

The LEMFO LEM6 can survive up to a day before it needs to be charged again.

Check out the price of the LEMFO LEM6 smartwatch on Amazon.

The Casio Pro Trek WSD-F30 has a hexagonal pattern that makes it look like there are 3D cubes all over the band.

It has a complex thick metal base that has three buttons on the right side of the watch to help you control it and one on the left side of the watch which is used to control the sensors.

Its military-grade durability makes sure that the smartwatch won’t break easily when an accidental fall occurs.

The Casio Pro Trek WSD-F30 is waterproof up to 50 meters of depths so users can swim or take showers with it.

It can do most things a smartphone can.

It comes with Google Assistant installed.

The Casio Pro Trek WSD-F30 will last around one and a half-day when it’s used normally or up to three days when it’s put in extended mode.


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