Best Smartwatches with a Weather Forecasting Feature

Nowadays you can simply look at your new smartwatch to see the most up to date, current, and specific to your location weather forecasts.

These new watches have built-in sensors and/or software that updates through your cell phone’s connection to provide you with instant information on what is happening with the weather in your region.

The newest smartwatches make our lives so much simpler, are beyond just convenience creating devices, and offer a simple display of everything you would normally do on your smartphone on an average day.

So now let’s take a look at some of the best smartwatches that offer features like weather forecasting.

We will weight the pros and cons of each one and look at the special features of each model.

They are each unique and offer a different package of technological advances to make our everyday lives simpler and easier to manage.

Note: There are a lot of different weather-related apps that you’ll be able to download. The following link will provide you with an example of a weather-related app.


1. Garmin Instinct – * Editors Pick *

They went to town with this model when it comes to jamming it full with all the latest and top of the line sensors.

All of which they use to input information into an operating software that can translate that data into easy to understand and readable graphics which convey all the necessary information you would expect from any smartwatch.

This is especially true for the more active amongst us who get out there and tackle each day, living their fullest life possible.

I know that if you’re interested in this model that you are one of those performing types who get things done.

With this watch on your wrist, all your everyday activities are made easier to manage, thanks to its awesome features.

Features And Pros

  • The sensors include GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, the Garmin Elevate Heart Rate Monitor, a Barometric Altimeter,  a Compass, an Accelerometer, and finally a Thermometer. Wow, I know, what a list. With all of this inside, you can imagine the information this watch can easily and quickly provide right there on your wrist; no need to pull out your bulky cell phone to get the weather forecast, your location, your fitness metrics, and so many more other aspects.
  • With GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO inside your watch, you will never have to worry again about getting lost, and you can even pre-program routes into the watches software and save them for turn by turn directions during your next trip, run, bike, hike, or any other activity where you need to know where you’re going. You’ll always know your route and be able to easily follow pre-planned courses, tracks, trails, and so many more.
  • Then, the Garmin Elevate Heart Rate Monitor is a great addition to the inputting hardware. This more accurate than the average heart rate monitor can keep track of many things such as your calories burned throughout the day, or the level of exertion you’re experiencing while out on a run or hike heading down the road and up the mountain. It can even provide your doctor with decently accurate recordings of your heart rate over a given period if a health issue were to arise in your life (not rated as accurate as a medical device, but can still give useful data for further analysis when having heart-related issues and this feature has saved many lives already).
  • Finally, your Barometric Altimeter and Thermometer help provide you with instant information about the changing weather at your current location. If the barometer is falling and storms are coming in, you will be the first to know when the changes occur and can find a safe place to hunker down if out in the woods or get yourself safely indoors if you’re in the city. You will be notified of such weather activity by the vibrating (if set) storm alert notification. No matter where you are you will be provided with the most up to date minute information on the weather forecast around you so that you’ll always be informed.


  • Now, while this particular offering from Garmin seems to be their ultimate gift to the outdoor enthusiast there is just one thing it lacks which is that it doesn’t have a touchscreen. On the plus side, this will add to the watch’s overall durability and ruggedness, and it is very easy to learn the handful of buttons that are around the bezel, to navigate your way through its interface. With this design, you’ll never have to worry about disengaging in any of your favorite activities because it will suit well with various outfits. Whatever you decide to do while wearing this model, you can be sure that everything will function as you want and expect it to without any of the major surprises sometimes encountered with a typical touchscreen smartwatch.

Summary Of The Watch

All that the Garmin Instinct offers is hard to beat by competitors when you take a look at its price tag.

And outdoor lovers will find that this watch does everything they would want it to do and so much more.

From a simple walk from home or from your hotel to a restaurant, gym, or park, all the way to a hike up to the peak of that mountain you’ve always dreamed of climbing, it’s a very versatile piece of jewelry.

You will always know where you are, what the weather is doing that day, and even what your body is experiencing. This watch will quickly become your favorite tool for making your life simpler and easier.

2. Suunto 9 Baro

Then we have the Suunto 9 Baro.

As a brand name, it may not be as widely known as some other brands, but you should get quickly familiar with this technology manufacturer.

This is because they typically offer quality products and state of the art innovations to the marketplace, so much that the phrase ‘pushing the envelope’ should be in their company motto or mission statement somewhere.

As for innovations offered in this new model, they packed in plenty and do not disappoint even the most tech-savvy of owners.

Both its hardware and software, make it an almost must-have for any outdoor enthusiast or even the average 9 to 5er who wants the abilities and conveniences provided by this wonderful addition to the market.

Features And Pros

  • Its new battery life is unbeatable when it comes to this smartwatch. This is because of Suunto’s brand new intelligent battery software. This feature provides multiple levels of watch modes based on levels of battery drainage. From performance level, where GPS runs constantly to be able to most accurately track your progress on a run, bike, or hike, all the way down to the endurance and ultra level battery functions which still offer GPS and exercise tracking, just at wider intervals of time. Meaning you may lose a tiny bit of accuracy along your route. The battery lasts anywhere from 25, all the way up to 120 hours of tracking exercises with every sensor running constantly and GPS on.
  • The battery functions offer you reminders that you can change to a different setting if your battery is getting low while you are still working your way through a run or hike. Say you’re doing an extra-long 15-mile endurance hike and you started with your watch being already halfway drained, after a period when your battery is drained even more but your still far out in the woods and are depending on the GPS to inform you if you’re on the right route/trail, well the watch will then remind you of your current settings and will suggest switching to the endurance mode to make sure it lasts through your entire journey.
  • Use the Suunto App through your smartphone connection and you gain the ability to track all kinds of trends and activities from your daily life to your weekend adventures. You can follow trends in your overall activity levels, your sleeping cycles, and even your fitness goals. All shown on an easy to navigate, and even easier to understand, display of readouts on all the data/information that the watch is constantly collecting through its various sensors such as it’s optical heart rate monitor, accelerometer, pedometer, altimeter, GPS, barometer, and thermometer.
  • Share your performances to brag or just to compare them to your peers through multiple online forums, including Strava, TrainingPeaks, Endomondo, and many more. Use them to compare your performance and/or progress to others in the fitness community. For example, compare your 3-mile trail run with someone that did their 3-mile run in the city and see who was faster, who burned more calories, who worked harder throughout or during certain points of the route (if for instance, you went up and down more elevation changes then you may have gotten more out of your route than they got from theirs). But there’s only one way to join these comparison forums and groups and that’s by having a smartwatch such as this model from Suunto.
  • Finally, with a Barometric Altimeter built into the watch, you can use the offered app that comes with the Suunto operating system or download your preferred data translating and weather forecasting apps, to follow the changes detected by your watch’s sensors. To provide you with real-time forecasts, this watch offers the ability to not only track them but it can also translate those changes through a variety of apps to whichever one you find most relatable and informative.


  • It’s watch faces are not fully customizable. This means many times you are presented with a display that is offering info that is distracting and useless to your particular situation. For example, you will have the altimeter reading displayed above or below the time field but not the barometric reading which is not so useful when operating in a flat even terrain with frequent weather changes.

Summary Of The Watch

All in all this newest offering from Suunto is a great, rugged, tough smartwatch that is built to last and to make it through all your life’s exercises and journeys.

You will find it easier to go anywhere and do anything with this model as your guide and exploration partner.

The GPS function is top-notch, and its battery life is too. It consists of a rare combination of features that not many watch brands can boast to have achieved in one model.

It’s a stylish smartwatch that will not only track all your exercise routines and hiking routes but also provide you with quick push notifications from your cell phone straight to your wrist.

Whatever your desires and needs are for a smartwatch, the Suunto 9 Baro surely will meet or exceed most of them.

3. Huawei Watch GT 2

This brand new model from Huawei has just hit the market and has already been bought by many.

A powerhouse of a smartwatch, the Huawei Watch GT 2 offers a ton of features that are jam-packed into one sleek, stylish design that is very attractive.

You can never go wrong with choosing this watch to accompany you on everything from workouts, including runs and swims, all the way to a dressed-up night out in town with your best friends.

No matter where you decide to wear it, you can be assured that your look will shine and be one of the most stylish persons around.

Features And Pros

  • Both the built-in microphone and mini speaker give this watch the unique capability to receive calls directly on the watch. Removing the need to dig around in your pockets or through the center console of your car to pull out your smartphone to answer that important call you’ve been waiting for. Many competing watches on the market do not offer this ability, making this one stand out straight out of the gates.
  • Another unique feature that’s offered in the Huawei Watch GT 2 is the ability to load music onto the watch and pair it with headphones via Bluetooth connectivity. This means that you can use the watch to play your favorite music while you go on a walk or jog, without bringing your cell phone along too. This is a great and extremely handy feature, even if it is only able to hold 4GB of memory.
  • Another thing you can boast about when you have this particular watch on your wrist is the fact that you only need to remove it every few days for a quick charge. It’s 455 mAh Lithium-Ion battery will make sure of that. Even with many times of tracking your fitness and keeping its built-in GPS utilization turned on, the battery just lasts and lasts.
  • The brand new OLED capacitive touchscreen offers a vibrant array of up to 16 million different colors in its display capabilities. With a pixel resolution of 454 x 454 pixels, this smartwatch is truly state of the art. You can use this awesome display to pick out a fully customizable watch face, even using a picture, or part of a picture, that you took yourself as your background or fully displayed as the watch face itself. Put the love of your life where they can make you smile throughout the day and constantly inspire you to perform at your best.
  • You will always find yourself to be well-rested through the TrueSleep 2.0 function and also the True Relax function. The first monitors your sleep at night and tracks the overall length of time and quality, or depth, of sleep you experience. So you can, through trial and error, eventually figure out what works best for you to get the best most restful night of sleep possible. You will even be able to use it’s True Relax feature to walk you through a meditation or relaxation routine to get you to sleep as fast as you can.
  • Finally, diving into the sub-menus of the GT2 gets you some very premium features, from different workout activities (15 in total) and sleep records to those meditation/breathing exercises, call/text logs and even precise weather forecasts provided by interpreting the data being constantly pulled from the built-in barometer sensor. Its menus are very easy to navigate and all work alongside a host of apps including Huawei’s own “Health” app.


  • A criticism that some have is that workouts are not automatically tracked. But It ultimately will become muscle memory to push the lower button and select a workout at the beginning of each workout session. But it is one area that the brand can for sure produce improvements on in future designs.

Summary Of The Watch

You will love its sleek stylish design and the way it looks less like a computer packed full of gadgets, like some of the bulkier watches appear to be, and more like an old school designer model.

You definitely will enjoy showing this one, and all its wonderful features, off to all your friends, coworkers, and family members.

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