7 Best Smartwatches that can Count Burned Calories

A smartwatch is a computerized gadget in the form of a wristwatch.

Smartwatches have different apps and features that you can use to monitor day to day activities like your fitness journey, sleeping patterns, and even the functionality of your heart.

Most smartwatches have a touchscreen that enables the user to easily operate the watch and a decent amount of the smartwatches can even count the calories you’ve burned during a workout session.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the 7 best smartwatches that can count burned calories.

Let’s dive right in!


1. Fitbit Versa 2 – * Editors Choice *

If you are looking for a smart gadget that can help you track your daily routines such as your healthy activities then this is one of the best brands to buy.

You can use this smartwatch for tracking weight loss, where it helps you calculate the number of calories you burn each session.

Notable Features

Amazon Alexa: Amazon Alexa that’s installed on this smartwatch can be controlled with your voice.

Some of the voice commands that the smartwatch is compatible with can switch on alarms and give you information about the current weather.

Measure Sleep Quality: Do you want to monitor your sleeping patterns at night?

Then this is a reliable smartwatch to use for this purpose.

The gadget helps measure your sleeping patterns each night by linking it to your heartbeat.

It helps a person determine the time of deep sleep, restless sleep, and the time you went to sleep.

Helps You Lose Weight: One way to know the amount of weight you lose per workout session is through counting or monitoring the number of calories you burn.

The Fitbit Versa smartwatch enables you to track the number of calories you burn by displaying it on its screen.

It also helps in tracking the functioning of the heart by displaying the results of your heart rate.

Listen To Music: Do you want to listen to your favorite music while working out or during your day to day activities?

This smartwatch can accommodate up to 300 songs.

Just follow the right process to download the music on the watch.


  • The battery is durable and can last you a full day.
  • You can track your fitness journey with this smartwatch.
  • Controlling it is quite easy thanks to its built-in Amazon Alexa.
  • Social Media accounts can be managed with this smartwatch.


  • Its design is not for everybody because it’s quite simple.

2. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

This is an all-round smartwatch that suits almost everyone.

The smartwatch is quite easy to use and the display screen provides visible and large readings for easy viewing.

Some of the things that you can track with this watch include the calories you burn in a day, the steps you take each day, the current weather, and your heart rate.

Notable Features

Automatic Tracking: The presence of the automatic tracking mechanism on this smartwatch makes tracking easy and fast.

The watch automatically starts to count your steps, burned calories, and many other things.

Light And Compact Design: This watch features a lightweight design to ensure you that it’s comfortable to wear during a full day.

The slim and compact design also makes it a great choice for both men and women.

Listen To Your Favorite Songs: This smartwatch features a Bluetooth connection that allows you to sync it to other devices and listen to your favorite music.

Charged Wirelessly: Charging this smartwatch is quite reliable as it features a wireless charger for convenient charging anywhere you go.

A Variety Of Apps That You Can Use: This watch is reliable in terms of your health and fitness progress since it helps monitor your heart rate and count the calories you burn in a day.

Other than this, the watch has other apps like Bible, a calculator, and many sport-related apps.


  • The watch features a thin and lightweight design.
  • It works like magic when it comes to tracking your fitness progress.
  • The watch comes with two different straps.


  • It’s not cheap.

3. Amazfit Stratos Multisport

A big plus of this smartwatch is that it’s waterproof.

You can run in the rain or even go swimming whilst wearing it as it does not get damaged when it comes into contact with water.

This watch is compatible with a wide range of Android and iOS smart devices for easy and convenient monitoring.

Notable Features

It Can Track Your Fitness Regime: This smartwatch has been voted as one of the best fitness tracking devices thanks to its features and built.

The multiple apps on the device provide reports on your burned calories, the steps you take when either walking or running, and also about your heart rate.

Monitor Your Heart Rate: Apart from monitoring your heart rate whilst working out, this gadget can help you monitor your heart performance all day long.

The watch can be set to automatically review your heartbeats which is a great feature for people with heart problems.

Listen To Music: This smartwatch from Amazfit lets you listen to your favorite songs when it’s connected to Bluetooth earbuds.

It also comes with an extra 2 GB of memory space for storing even more songs.


  • This smartwatch is waterproof.
  • Can be used as a heart tracker.
  • The watch features a sleek and classy design.


  • Its design is not for everybody.

4. Fitbit Charge 3

Are you looking for a smart gadget that can help you track how many strokes you swam during your swim session?

Well, this smartwatch from Fitbit is the perfect model to get then.

It’s an amazing device for sports fanatics.

Notable Features

Its Waterproof: The outer parts of the watch are made of waterproof materials that prevent it from damaging when it comes into contact with water.

So walking outside during rainy days won’t affect this model.

Monitor Your Heart Rate All Day: How well do you know the functionality of your heart?

It is easy to know how well your heart is functioning by using this smartwatch.

You can set it to keep an eye on your heart rate and it can tell you how healthy your heart is.

Note that this feature works 24/7 to give reliable results.

Acknowledge Which Workout You’re Doing: This smartwatch allows you to know the progress of each workout you engage in.

Besides this it also automatically detects the different sports you’re able to do in this life.

Monitor Your Sleeping Patterns: Do you experience sleep disruption or insomnia?

Then let this Fitbit smartwatch monitor your sleeping patterns each night.

The watch has a special feature that records the sleeping interval when you wake up and you can also set it to remind you of the time you should be going to bed.


  • The smartwatch has a large screen for easy viewing.
  • It features a touchscreen mechanism for easy use.
  • The watch is light in weight and comfortable to wear.
  • The watch is waterproof up to 50 meters of water depths.
  • The watch can last you up to seven days on a full charge.
  • The wrist straps are easy to put on and very interchangeable.
  • The watch is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones which makes it a very versatile watch.


  • The smartwatch does not come with a screen protector and therefore has to be bought by yourself.

5. Withings Steel HR Hybrid

If you are not budget cautious and you need a reliable smartwatch for your daily monitoring, then this is an awesome watch to buy.

It may be a bit more expensive than most other models but you’ll get it back twice in functionality.

The watch is essential for monitoring the functioning of the heart, the number of calories you lose during any work out session, and also the number of steps you take each day.

Notable Features

Monitor Your Heart Rate: This watch can be set to monitor the functioning of your heart 24/7.

An awesome feature to have at your disposal during a workout if you’d ask me.

It’s Waterproof: If you are a watersports person then this is a great watch to buy.

This watch is made of waterproof materials that prevent it from damaging when coming into contact with water.

Therefore, you can comfortably monitor your everyday swim sessions.


  • The smartwatch monitors your heart rate all day long.
  • The watch is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones which makes it a very versatile watch.
  • Its battery is quite durable.


  • It’s not cheap.

6. Apple Watch Series 5

The features and classy design of this Apple smartwatch make it stand out from all other models.

It has a sleek, classy design, and it is also light in weight to wear comfortably for many hours in a row.

This smartwatch fits all people including the fitness enthusiasts as it helps one monitor and calculates the number of calories lost in your weight loss journey.

Notable Features

Large Display: The screen features a large size for easy and comfortable viewing when checking the notifications.

So, you can comfortably read about your calorie loss progress while still working out.

Track Your Heart Rate: Whether you are walking, running, or doing other activities, this watch allows you to monitor your heart health.

The watch features an ECG app which is essential for monitoring your heart rate and its functioning 24/7.

Protect Your Hearing: Other than helping you to monitor your health, this smartwatch also helps you keep your ears safe, especially when in a noisy place.

The watch comes with an alert feature that rings when the noise in your surroundings exceeds what your ears can take or if the noise can negatively impact your hearing organs.

Its Waterproof: The outer parts are made of waterproof materials that prevent it from damaging in watery environments.

Therefore, you can go swimming with this watch.

Monitor Your Workouts: This watch guarantees you to monitor all your workout progress like the fat you burn, the calories you lose, and also your heart rate for safety when working out.

If you are running, this watch records the number of kilometers you run or the number of steps you take each day.


  • This smartwatch has a noise tracker.
  • It has built-in GPS.
  • It features a waterproof built.
  • The watch comes with an eSIM which can’t be removed from the watch as it is embedded.
  • The watch has an always-on display which comes in very handy when you want to take a quick look at the current time.
  • The screen of the watch is protected by Sapphire Crystal Glass which makes sure that the screen won’t get scratched easily.
  • The watch can easily be charged, thanks to its wireless charging capabilities.
  • Its screen is large and therefore enables you to easily read any information.


  • This watch is quite expensive.
  • It is only fully compatible with Apple devices.

7. Fitbit Blaze

Track the number of calories you burn, the steps you take, and even the kilometers you run when working out with this efficient smartwatch.

This smartwatch is recommendable to people who want to lose weight or track their progress when working out.

This smartwatch runs on the Proprietary OS.

Notable Features

Track Multiple Sports: This stands to be among the best smartwatches as it is equipped with multiple tracking power.

You can utilize it when running, cross-training, biking, or even swimming.

Track Your Heart Rate: With this watch, you’ll be able to keep a constant watch on your current heart rate.


  • The smartwatch is compatible with most smartphones.
  • This smartwatch has built-in GPS for effective tracking.
  • It has a 1.66-inches screen which is decently large but not too large.
  • It has a sharp screen.
  • Its screen is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3 which makes sure that the screen won’t get damaged easily.
  • The watch is available in the following colors: black, plum, or blue.
  • Its battery can last you up to five days on a full charge.
  • This is a reliable fitness tracking smartwatch.


  • It has a rectangle display that won’t be on everybody’s wishlist.

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