Best Apple Watches for Biking 2023 [Buyer’s Guide]


Every biker should know by now that a smartwatch can truly be an add-on to their everyday biking trips.

As a biker an Apple Watch, for example, will be your best friend as it can monitor your heart rate, the speed you’re biking at, and even if you’re working too hard on your bike or could work harder.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the 3 best Apple Watches for biking in 2023. They are all very familiar but some differences can make you decide to choose one over the other.

Let’s dive right in!

Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the best Apple Watch model?

All Apple Watches are premium products and that’s why it can become quite hard to decide which of the different models you should add to your arsenal.

In this buyer’s guide, we’ve got you covered though! Here we take a look at the key differences between the various Apple Watches that are available on the market.


Just like many other Series of smartwatch models, the newer the smartwatch is, the higher its price will be and the same principle applies to the various Apple Watch models.

So if you have a tighter budget and are not so keen on having the newest of the newest features than the Apple Watch Series 3 will be your best bet.

If you however do have a lot of money to spare than the Apple Watch Series 5 will be the best enhancer for your everyday life activities.

Safety and emergency

Both the Apple Watch Series 3 and the Apple Watch Series 5 can quickly call for help or alert your family members and friends with its Emergency SOS functionality.

But for the Apple Watch Series 3, this is where the support for safety and emergency stops. The Apple Watch Series 5 however continues with 2 more features which are its fall detection feature and its international emergency calling feature. 

ECG app

If an ECG functionality is an essential aspect that your Apple Watch needs to have then you’ll have to decide between the Apple Watch Series 4 and the Apple Watch Series 5 because the older models do not support this feature.


When we, for example, compare the Apple Watch Series 3 and the Apple Watch Series 5. You’ll be able to see that the screen of the Apple Watch Series 5 has a 30 % larger display (the Series 3 has a resolution of 312 x 390 pixels and the Series 5 has a resolution of 368 x 448 pixels).


Some other big differences between the Series 3 and the Series 5 are that the Series 5 has a built-in compass (no built-in compass feature available in the Series 3), a digital crown with haptic feedback (the Series 3 only a digital crown), that it uses the newer S5 chip instead of the S3 chip, and that it has an electrical heart sensor (the Series 3 only has an optical heart rate sensor).

The 3 Best Apple Watches for Biking

In the following list of the 3 best Apple Watches for biking, we’ll be taking a look at what each selected Apple Watch has to offer regarding its functionalities, the pros, and cons that are associated with the product, and every Apple Watch will be finished off with a summary so that you’ll know exactly what the different key takeaways are for the particular model.

I’m confident that after you’ve read these short reviews that you’ll be able to make a buying decision or at least be on the right path to choosing one.

1. Apple Watch Series 5 – * Editors Pick *

This newest model of the Series will bring you the most joy as it comes with various upgrades to its predecessors.

The internal storage capacity that this smartwatch has is 32 GB and it also has 1 GB of RAM.

Its screen won’t get damaged easily thanks to Sapphire Crystal Glass which protects its screen.

Key feature: It’s ECG functionality is what stands out to me as it is the newest of the newest technological advancement that’s currently on the market.


  • It has a 1.78-inches display.
  • The watch can be charged through wireless charging.
  • Its screen has a resolution of 448 x 368 pixels.
  • It has a non-removable Li-Po 296 mAh battery.


  • It is larger than that of the Apple Watch Series 3 which makes using the watch a more pleasant experience.
  • The model comes with the newest chipset which gives the smartwatch a boost in its performance.


  • The battery life of the smartwatch hasn’t received any improvements when compared to its predecessors.

Summary of the watch

In my opinion, the Apple Watch Series 5 is the best Apple Watch you can buy. What immediately stands out to me is its ECG feature which has saved many lives already and will save much more shortly. Apart from this feature, the smartwatch will bring you the newest technological advancements that are currently available on the smartwatch market.

If you’ve become interested in getting to know a bit more about the smartwatch than I recommend you check out the smartwatch on Amazon below.

2. Apple Watch Series 4 – * Affordably Priced *

It’s a predecessor of the Apple Watch Series 5 but that doesn’t mean that it can be forgotten right away.

This smartwatch offers almost the same features that the Apple Watch Series 5 will offer you.

The biggest differences between the Apple Watch Series 4 and 5 are that the Apple Watch Series 5 has an always-on display feature and a built-in compass feature and the Apple Watch Series 4 does not.

It comes with an e-SIM.

Key feature: This awesome piece of jewelry is resistant to water up to 50 meters of water depths.


  • The watch weighs 48 grams.
  • The screen of the watch is 1.78-inches.
  • The watch runs on the Apple S5 chipset


  • The watch can be charged wirelessly.
  • The watch is available in the following different colors: silver, space black, or gold.
  • The watch is cheaper than the Apple Watch Series 5.


  • Doesn’t have a built-in compass feature.
  • Does not have an always-on display feature.

Summary of the watch

This watch is another piece of technological advancement that I would surely go for if I ever needed a new smartwatch. Space black would be my favorite color but gold or silver look awesome as well.

Have you become interested in this model? Underneath this paragraph, you’ll be able to take a look at it on Amazon.

3. Apple Watch Series 3 – * Cheapest Option *

To top of this list we end with the Apple Watch Series 3 which is the oldest and cheapest model of them all but by many customers, it’s still seen as the most reliable of them all as well.

The watch runs on a dual-core processor.

With mixed usage, the watch can last up to eighteen hours.

The watch is available in the colors space black or silver.

Key feature: The watch has 16GB of internal memory storage and it has 768 MB of RAM.


  • It has an Apple S3 chipset.
  • It has the following sensors built-in: an accelerometer, a gyroscope, a barometer, a heart rate monitor, dictation, and natural language commands.
  • It has a non-removable Li-Ion 341 mAh battery.


  • The watch can be charged wirelessly.
  • It has a built-in NFC feature.
  • The watch is resistant to water.


  • It doesn’t have the newest features like the Apple Watch Series 5.

Summary of the watch

If your budget isn’t that high then this smartwatch will be a great option for you. It still has a variety of awesome features and it is surely reliable.

I’m sure that you will surely love the NFC feature that it has, its resistance to water and that it can be charged wirelessly.

Wanna read more about this watch then you can check out the link below which will take you to Amazon.


How do I add cycling to my Apple Watch?

Step one: On your Apple Watch select the Workout app.

Step two: Scroll down until you’re able to add a new workout.

Step three: Tap on the workout called cycling.


To conclude this article, I would like to look back with you on what was covered. The key aspects that every potential Apple Watch buyer should look out for are it’s price, features, size, and the technological advancements of the device.

Our best Apple Watches list started with the Series 5 which was also my first pick because of its ECG feature, then we looked at the Series 4 which has great water resistance, and to finish it off we ended with the Series 3 which has nice storage capacities and is very affordable.

I hope that this article helped you a bit more in the right direction for choosing your best Apple Watch for your cycling journeys.


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